Most of the email messages sent around the world these days are spam, in other words – unwanted messages with different offers or with hyperlinks to malware. Not only are such emails aggravating, but they also present a risk to your personal computer, not to mention that you may be duped. Because of this, a lot of email providers use spam filters, which are apps that ‘scan’ all inbound emails and filter the unwanted ones on the basis of their content – what words an email includes and how often they are cited, what site a certain hyperlink points to, what outgoing SMTP email server the message is sent from, etc. Certain web hosts also rely on the databases of spam-tracing organizations dedicated to the provision of the most up-to-the-minute information about unwanted email messages, to make sure that their clients will not receive any email message in their mailbox that should not be there.
Spam Filters in Shared Web Hosting
The protection of any email account that you set up in a shared web hosting account with us is guaranteed by the powerful SpamAssassin spam filter that we employ. You can enable it via the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel and it comes with five levels of safety based on the spam score given to every email message depending on various criteria, such as the frequency of specific words, the sender, and so on. If you keep receiving junk email messages, you can always increase the level or if you’re scared that you may omit a genuine message, you can combine the automated filter with a custom one and redirect all email messages from a particular sender to a separate email account. In case you decide that you no longer need anti-spam protection for a specific email account, you can disable it with just a few clicks of the mouse.