The monthly site traffic function is generally identified as information transfer or bandwidth as well, yet all of these terms have to do with the same thing - what amount of information can be transferred to and from your shared web hosting account. The traffic can be produced in two ways, the more obvious one being web site visits. When somebody loads your website, their browser requests and downloads the web pages from your website hosting server then shows them on their end. The more visitors you have, the more outgoing traffic is produced from your web hosting account. Because this particular characteristic contains the overall web site traffic, not only the site visits, you should not forget that incoming traffic is counted too. This means that site content along with other files that you upload to your account with a file manager or an FTP software are counted towards the account allowance. The transfer is usually tracked per month and the counter resets on the very first day of every month irrespective of your actual date of registration.
Monthly Traffic in Shared Web Hosting
The monthly web site traffic quota for our shared web hosting plans is sufficient for any type of website. Whether you have a blog, a discussion board or electronic commerce portal, how much info can be transferred to and from your account or hitting some reduced quota restriction won't be a reason for your websites to be inaccessible. Furthermore, we supply you with detailed website traffic information, so that you will be allowed to keep track of the amount of data is being downloaded all of the time. The hourly, daily and monthly numbers will inform you on how the sites are performing, what kind of files produce most of the website traffic as well as much more important information that can help you take care of the websites plus the account as a whole. The stats can be seen with just a couple of mouse-clicks from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel.
Monthly Traffic in Dedicated Web Hosting
Using a dedicated server, you will have an extremely powerful hosting solution at your disposal and the traffic allowance you will get matches all of the other features. Your server can produce terabytes of site traffic each month, so that whatever the kind or amount of sites that you host, you'll never have to worry about them being not available due to inadequate traffic. To be on the safe side though, we will give you the opportunity to upgrade this feature if required. We will inform you well in advance when you get close to the limit, so you will have the chance to update or lower the website traffic by optimizing your data to avoid any disruption of the work of your sites. You are able to monitor the consumed and remaining site traffic for the current month via the administration panel that we supply. The information there contains all incoming and outgoing transfers, like software setups and updates. In contrast, a hosting Control Panel provides more detailed info, but only for the traffic to and from a web hosting account, not your server altogether.