VPN Access

Safe, private browsing

In case, for any reason whatsoever, you would like to hide your electronic footprint, we have the perfect option for you. With any of our shared web hosting packages, you can acquire VPN access and have all your incoming and outgoing Internet traffic re–routed through one of our VPN data centers. And you will be able to use the exact same Virtual Private Network settings on virtually any gadget that is connected online – your desktop PC, your netbook, your smart phone, etc..


A secure and safe web application firewall

Safeguard all your web applications (Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, etc.) against hack attacks thanks to ModSecurity. ModSecurity is a firewall program built to guard web apps against hack attacks. We have set up the firewall in such a way as to obstruct all typical site attacks automatically. By default, ModSecurity is enabled for all domains, but you may disable it for any site that you want.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–drive–driven cloud hosting machines

All our shared web hosting machines are fitted out with solid–state drives instead of ordinary disk drives. SSDs offer much faster read ’n’ write speeds, which implies that your website will load faster. No further web site modifications are needed.

With the superb Internet connectivity options offered by all our cloud hosting Datacenter Facilities, your web site will begin to open considerably faster as soon as you start using our hosting services.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

In case you have a database that you would like to share among a group of sites on separate servers and with different hosting companies, you can take advantage of our Remote MySQL option. Using it, you are able to give access to your MySQL database to different web sites of your choice. This is especially useful if you have a database of customers that you need to share between a set of online shopping portals.

Scripting Support

Python. Perl. PHP. MySQL. PgSQL.

Set up a PHP–driven web site. Develop a Python application. Make use of the power of more than nine thousand Perl modules. Store your data in MySQL or PostgreSQL databases. Create InnoDB tables. Enable remote MySQL connections. You can do all that and even more using any of the shared web hosting plans that we are offering. There won’t be any additional taxes – it is all included in your plan right from the start.

Web Accelerators

The Web Accelerators (Varnish, Memcached and Node.js) incorporated into the web hosting Control Panel, when used will dramatically boost the loading speed of your dynamic websites.

They’re made to store in a cache the content on your web sites and thus decrease the number of queries to the database server or the API. This will help all your sites open much quicker than ever before and will enable you to allure more pleased web site visitors, which equals minimized bounce rates.

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