The cPanel Control Panel was the indisputable frontrunner among website hosting administration user interfaces not long ago. The moment shared web hosting came into common use, the cPanel system couldn’t adapt to the new standards and meet the needs of the changing hosting industry anymore.

The Durham Webs Control Panel has been made to operate on a cloud website hosting setup and can easily quickly be modified each time a new functionality is added. It’s a one–stop website management tool for taking care of your web presence in addition to your web addresses, websites, billing as well as your support inquiries.

1. Domain name/invoicing/web site tools

Using the Durham Webs Control Panel you’ll be able to control all your websites, domain names and email addresses from exactly the same place. You do not need to make use of any extra invoicing or domain user interfaces.

The cPanel Control Panel does not offer simultaneous management of domain names and sites. You will get one invoicing panel for your domain names and bills, and another Control Panel for your web sites.

2. File Structure

Using the Durham Webs Control Panel, all the web sites and subdomains will be free from one another. Every single web site will have its very own folder segregated from the rest within the home directory of your web hosting account. You can easily move from concentrating on one website to maintaining another.

With the cPanel Control Panel, you have one folder for your primary website and all additional web sites are placed within this folder. This would make handling different websites from a single user interface really confusing.

3. File Manager

Using the File Manager in the Durham Webs Control Panel, you’ll get total control over the files of your web sites. You will be able to instantly add new files using drag–n–drop capability, efficiently edit a number of files simultaneously with the multi–selection feature, unarchive archives in a mouse click, edit files using the included plain and WYSWYG editors and much more.

The File Manager integrated in the cPanel Control Panel has been revised several times throughout the years, nonetheless it still is unable to present decent results when compared to other web–based file administration instruments. You cannot make use of a drag–and–drop functionality to add files, the archive/extract tool may be unreliable from time to time and also the file editing user interface is restricted in features.

4. Free–of–cost Bonus Features

The Durham Webs Control Panel is operated by our company and incorporates a large assortment of freely available benefits that might normally cost you about $1000 dollars with other companies. You’ll get access to hundreds of no cost themes, the Easy Site Installer, Application Installer, a PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, a set of Advanced Instruments, etc.

The cPanel Control Panel is offered by using a commercial certificate and additional bonuses will be incorporated at an additional charge. Consequently, even if your company gives no–cost bonus features inside the cPanel, their particular value is going to be calculated into the price tag of your website hosting offer. Furthermore, the quantity and sort of cost–free gifts will change from one host company to another.

5. Control Panel Operational Speed

The Durham Webs Control Panel is engineered employing the latest web technologies. That way, it employs fully the capabilities of your browser and web connection to enable you to manage your websites extremely fast. In our comparison tests, when conducting related operations, our Control Panel achieved three times faster rates as opposed to competitive control panel solutions.

The cPanel Control Panel is configured on thousands of web servers, operating on a variety of hardware and software configuration setups. Nevertheless, its common distribution ends in considerably slower and less risk–free performance matched against similar website management interfaces that have been optimized for 1 platform only.

6. Multi–domain name Management

The Durham Webs Control Panel will let you easily manage numerous web sites and their domains from one place. Every single web site will have its very own unique folder in the main directory of your account and will be absolutely independent from the rest. In this manner, you can employ only 1 account to maintain as many domains and sites as you want.

The cPanel Control Panel will keep things separated – you will have to maintain your domains from 1 place and your websites from a different one. Each site has its own Control Panel. Maintaining many different sites within one Control Panel is also possible, but could also be rather confusing because virtually all additional domains will be held in the folder of the principal domain.

7. Control Panel Menu

When using the Durham Webs Control Panel, you will be able to instantly navigate from one section to another working with our useful top menu. It provides links to each area of the Control Panel as well as a quick explanation of what you can do there. In this way, even if you don’t know what the specific area signifies, you’ll be able to quickly get acquainted with its capabilities.

The cPanel Control Panel lists all icons in the home page, so that it is not designed to your own demands. At the same time, once you enter a menu, you cannot immediately switch to another one and will have to get back to the home page instead. This kind of navigation can be quite frustrating for you, particularly if you utilize many Control Panel sections every time you revise your websites.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

The Durham Webs Control Panel features a full demo that demonstrates almost every menu and function it has. You could start building a web–site, install web applications, make email addresses, and so on. This way, you can obtain a a lot more all–embracing perception of its user interface and functionalities before signing up.

Through the demo website hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’re able to solely get acquainted with look of the interface. Most functions are turned off and you also cannot actually go off the homepage. With most website hosting companies, you will be granted ability to access a generic cPanel demo account, and will not have the option to preview the Control Panel you will actually be working with to take care of your sites in case you enroll.

We could mention just about every feature of our Control Panel here and evaluate it against the cPanel Control Panel. However, it’ll be a lot quicker if you take a quick look at our live demo version and discover the main difference on your own.

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